Golf & Environment

Taking time to smell the flowers

Great golf is intrinsically linked to nature and landscape, played among trees, grass, hills and dunes. Also rooted in integrity and fair play and community, golf has an important responsibility and unique opportunity to be a leader in sustainable business and sport.

LochLoch Lomond Golf Club, Scotland

The Golf Environment Organization is an international not-for-profit group founded to help golf achieve this potential by promoting, supporting and credibly recognizing sustainable golf in golf clubs, new developments and tournaments worldwide.

Many of golf's most important stakeholders support the programmes and solutions GEO provides, including golf's ecolabel, GEO Certified™ and every year the community around sustainable golf is growing ever greater. From golfers, governing bodies, professional tours, golf associations, industry suppliers, corporate sponsors and course designers, greenkeepers, managers, and owners there is a genuine desire to ensure golf stays true to the ethos encapsulated in five centuries of golf tradition.

Every golf club and new development can be a responsible, resource efficient business set in an ecologically rich landscape. Every golf event can be a showcase for sustainability. Every golfer can play a part, from juniors to international superstars. On a collective scale this positive impact and example can make a real difference.

Moon-2Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort, Mexico

As you're making your way through this new edition of The Rolex World's Top 1000 Courses be on the lookout for GEO Certified™, the international mark signifying golf's commitment and achievements in sustainability. Enjoy the role nature plays in every great golf experience, and be proud of the positive social and environmental contribution golf makes. 


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